The exact origins of Untied may forever be lost to the annals of time but, as far as I remember it, here is how it came to be:

The braintrust behind FlyersFaithful.com was at Fado one night, drinking more than our fair share of beer and booze.

Then it was stated, “We should start a men’s magazine!”

Drunken cheers followed.

However, we knew we could not start your typical men’s magazine. It’s not like you need help finding nude pictures of models. That’s what Google is for (not that we don’t like not so safe for work pictures of Kate Upton).

We wanted to take bits and pieces of other sites that we liked and combine them into a one-stop shop where you could get everything from lowbrow humor to highbrow commentary and everything in between.

Most importantly, we wanted to make this site accessible. It’s nice to go to some of those gear sites and see Lamborghini concepts and private jets but how many people are in a position to buy such things? We may find ourselves drooling over such things from time-to-time but, more often than not, we want to bring you practical content, like posts on new kicks and craft beers and so forth.

To date, Untied has evolved into much more than the men’s site we intended. We are proud to have a number of terrific female writers on our site and a brilliant writer covering topical issues from the gay man’s perspective. We will continue to evolve with each passing month as well. We will never settle or fall into the trap of complacency.

If you’d like to join us, see our Write for Us page!