Flashback Friday: Guns N’ Roses Just Needs A Little Patience

Loving that bandanna and hat look, buddy
Loving that bandanna and hat look, buddy

News recently came out that Guns N’ Roses would be reuniting at Coachella. What better band to lead the new and not remotely improved Flashback Friday with than GnR? “November Rain” is the no brainer, but that’s been done. Instead we’ll slow things down and check out the video for the band’s power ballad, “Patience”.

“Patience” features a whole lot of Axl Rose whistling and for some reason I find this hilarious. I have no idea why but it just cracks my shit up. Perhaps it’s the fact that the dude cannot stop snake dancing.



The guys are holed up in some sort of GHOST HOTEL for this adventure. Scoob and the gang should be along at any second. I’m not the only one that would watch the classic GnR crew travel around and solve mysteries all while trying their hardest not to murder each other, right?

According to the always reliable Wikipedia, the video for “Patience” was filmed at the same hotel where Bobby Kennedy was shot. It was also filmed on Valentine’s Day, 1989. Aw, that’s sweet. Almost as sweet as Slash’s assortment of ghost hookers.



Did I forgot to mention that Slash was stroking a giant snake in his bed? Oh, silly me. It’s the most Slash thing he could possibly do without his top hat on. I imagine this is how Slash has spent every night since reaching puberty.

Really, though, this one is all about Axl, who may be channeling Stevie Nicks in this one. Most people, when performing a quiet song, will sit on a stool or something. Axl is moving like his life depends on it. Dennis Hopper is off somewhere telling Axl that if he even thinks about sitting he will explode. Only Slash may lounge.



Axl, man, he’s really just already sad about not singing the band’s faster paced hits from two whole years earlier. He sits in his finest cutoff tee and straightened hair as he watches him and Slashy boy on stage, shredding killer licks.

Nostalgic Axl

There’s only one way to take out such frustrations, and that’s by smashing the most late 80s/early 90s phone ever created.



“Patience” sure ain’t no “November Rain” but Axl’s general weirdness makes it a joy to watch. Can anyone explain to me why he has to go into scratchy Axl voice at the end of the song after using that pleasant, acoustic tone the whole time? I guess that’s his rock signature. OOOOOooooooooo I neeeeeed youuuuuuuuuuuuu!



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