Worming Through 'The Walking Dead': Now

Photo by Gene Page/AMC
“Do you have a moment to talk about the Lord?” (Photo by Gene Page/AMC)

Last week we got an extended look at what Morgan has been doing off-camera. This week, we get hand-wringing and worrying from the people of Alexandria. The zombie horde has arrived at the gates, hot on the heels of scraggly old Rick Grimes.

Hand-wringing and worrying has never been The Walking Dead’s strong suit, so this is a bit of a slow one. The people of Alexandria want to binge eat the remainder of their canned goods. There’s no tomorrow, repent, repent! They’re not exactly cool under pressure.


Maggie Learns a Lesson

Maggie draws the best story of the bunch, desperate to get out and look for Glenn. Glenn is probably residing in the bellies of a few dozen zombies, but Maggie doesn’t know that. She spends most of “Now” trying to get beyond the city walls while shrugging off the help of Aaron, whose guilty conscience about his lost backpack leading the Wolfpack into their homes is eating away at him.

They talk a bunch and encounter some super gross sewer Walkers as Maggie learns the important lesson of knowing that it’s ok to ask your friends for help. Ultimately, Maggie just gives up. Glenn certainly wouldn’t want her to risk her own health just to find him. Doubly so considering that she’s pregnant. Yes, Maggie’s got a little bundle of joy on the way. Hopefully this birth turns out a little bit better than the previous one.


If this community is, in fact, a ship, as its leader, I am the captain. But we’re all in the same boat. Teamwork!

Deanna started off as a strong leader of a secure community. Now, she’s a complete wreck. She’s lost her mind and the faith of the people of Alexandria. Her grown ass son is giving fake leadership speeches just to hoard more crackers for himself. Woman needs to get it together! She’s ready to just hand things over to Rick, who had snapped so badly just a few, um, weeks or months or something ago that he had to be locked up.


Get Some

Look at that, two characters made some love connections in an episode of The Walking Dead! How nice! Rick hooked up up with Jessie at long last, despite the wishes of all those wonderful Tumblr Rickshonne shippers. He even acted as a father to shitty Ron, teaching him how to shoot Rick’s giant gun. Tara gets a kiss from Dr. NoConfidence. It’s a regular old Love Boat up in here.

I do wonder if we’ve got a cast culling coming soon. There’s simply too many people to keep track of at this point, pulling the storyline into too many directions and killing momentum. There are whole bunch of flesh eaters just outside those gates, waiting for their chance to burst through and feast. THINK ABOUT IT.



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