Life Hacks: Better Call Jimbo


Better Call Jimbo

  • It was a sad day when I had to tell my 100 year old great grandma that she could no longer play with Legos.
  • Keeping over 1000 butterflies in your trunk is a magical way to confuse a cop when he asks to search your car.
  • You can’t blame every fart on the dog. Pregnant women are also acceptable.
  • It’s impossible to gracefully get out of a beanbag chair.
  • How close are we to uttering the phrase, “Grandma Brittany just died.”?
  • Tell the truth. Has anyone really ever “jumped” in the shower?
  • Don’t judge me by my tan line locations.
  • When getting swept up by a Jane Austen love story, it’s good to remember that this all takes place in an era before toilet paper was invented.
  • When a lawyer in a commercial points his finger at the camera, you KNOW he’s not screwing around!
  • Just flossed for the first time in awhile. Don’t remember eating all this blood.



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