Life Hacks: Beer Week Hangover


Bert Car

  • Credible Hulk, sit and write thoughtful blog about GARDENING!
  • You could not handle my undivided attention.
  • Who the hell talks loudly on a cellphone during a Christening? If I wasn’t holding 2 beers I would smack them!
  • Why do we add an extra dash of stupid to our voice when we impersonate someone we know?
  • If you see an old lady, try and imagine that she’s not a grandma. You can’t!
  • Siri! How do I get Manwich stains out of an ascot?!
  • Life would be so much easier if I had a dog. I’d definitely have an easier time explaining this turd on my neighbors Welcome Mat.
  • If a non-flying bird shits on your car you KNOW it’s personal.



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