McFarlane's NHL Line Finds New Life in Canada


Clark Toys Import Dragons McFarlane NHL

Well this came out of nowhere. Last November I wrote about the demise of McFarlane Toys’ NHL Sports Picks, and now it looks like another company will be resurrecting the line. Import Dragons, a toy company based in Boisbriand Quebec, has just started taking pre-orders for 6″ and 2.5″ NHL figurines, due to arrive this September. You can find them all at Clark Toys here.

Only 3 prototypes have been shown so far; the Sidney Crosby, Jonathan Bernier, and P.K. Subban figures shown above. These guys are just the tip of the iceberg, as the company plans to ship dozens of players this fall. Many other players have already been announced, including Calgary’s Johnny Gaudreau and Edmonton’s Connor McDavid (yeah we can all assume that will happen).

At first glance the figures appear to share the DNA of McFarlane’s NHL offerings, however the display stand features a couple of tweaks: there is now a detailed ice surface (previously it was a plain white surface), and the player name and number have migrated from the top to the front of the stand.

Is McFarlane Toys manufacturing the figures for Import Dragons? Certainly looks that way! The McFarlane name is nowhere to be found on the packaging (which also looks McFarlane-ish). I’m guessing there was an agreement that enabled Import Dragons to make McFarlane figures in everything but name.

However this came to fruition, the revival of a once-dead line of collectibles will be welcome news for many fans.


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