Life Hacks: Now with more Fierce


Gatorade Hockeying

  • If I win the lottery, prepare yourselves for the Delco, All Monkey, Roller Derby Team, The Jawnstown Chimps.
  • No Thanks, family burial plot with a spot for me. Nope!
  • Fun Fact: Not only does a movie’s musical score influence the tone of a scene, but it also covers up the actor’s nervous farts.
  • Randomly post, ” So you made a sex tape, what’s the big deal?!” on someone’s Facebook wall and see what happens.
  • If you ever find yourself wearing a similar outfit to the employees of a restaurant you are dining in, have fun with it and help them run some food or something.
  • Imagine the coolest teacher you had in Middle School….WRONG! More denim!
  • There’s a really great article in this month’s Reverse Psychology Magazine but I don’t think you should read it because it’s not for you.
  • Fierce Melon Gatorade is the official drink of people who thought they were buying Orange Gatorade.



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