New Star Wars Trailer Features a Spark of Life in Harrison Ford's Eyes


Old Han Featured

There was a whole big Star Wars event today where JJ Abrams showed us a soccer ball robot and told us about the lead actors in the next Star Wars, blah blah blah. You’re here for the trailer, right?

Besides the obvious fact that it looks cool, we need to talk about our glimpse of Old Han Solo. Look at him! With the grey hair and the wrinkles and whatnot. But most importantly, this is the first glimmer of excitement that mankind has seen in Harrison Ford’s eyes in 20 years. What a sight to behold! Wow wow wow wow wow!



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  1. Tina M Cairns says:

    Is that Leia with the lightsaber or whoever Luke is talking to? Did Leia finally become a Jedi? I see the cast list has her as “Queen Leia” now. Alderaan exploded, what did she become Queen of? Is she still with Han? GAAAAAAH

    Also, that crashed Star Destroyer… wow. And hello trailer Artoo! 🙂


    1. Estebomb says:

      Crashed Star Destroyer is badass. I’d love to see Jedi Queen Leia kicking ass and taking names.


  2. Tina Cairns says:

    I’m so freaking out over this!!!! ❤


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