Life Hacks: Afternoon Delight



  • 2 breakfast sandwiches at Wawa for $3 never means 1 for $1.50. NEVER!
  • Hey, if any of you out there have a voodoo doll of me, please itch its butt. My rear itches and I’m in public. Thanks.
  •  One of the most compelling games of chance at a casino is opening a bathroom stall door at the buffet without first checking for feet.
  •  The first time you give the finger to an annoying house cat may seem awkward but stick with it. It’s worth it.
  • If someone ever tells me to write an uppercase Q in cursive at gunpoint, tell my family I loved them.
  • My neighbor knocked on my door to complain about all the loud sex I was having the night before. I was too embarrassed to tell him that I was alone with a deep dish pizza.
  • That awkward moment, when you muster up the courage to take the last mozzarella stick and someone at the table asks, ” Sir, who are you?”
  • I do all of this for the giggles. Not sure why anyone does things for the shits.

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