Life Hacks: Post Resurrection Blues



One Friday, I told a joke to some friends and it died. 3 days later, I told the same joke to another group of friends and it was a hit. Coincidence? I think not. Thank you Grown up Jesus!

  • Nice try Pepperidge Farm but those paper cookie dividers don’t slow me down in the slightest!
  • Why does everything look unnecessarily dry when I’m holding a water balloon?
  • There is no question you can ask yourself more disturbing than, ” Did the cab driver just fart?”
  • Home Decor hack for millennials: Red Wine colored carpets.
  • Stepping on soap suds in the shower, is the closest I’ve come to washing my feet in over a decade.
  • I pray that I never outgrow the ability to pretend I’m smoking a cigar when eating Pretzel Sticks.
  • Did you ever end a call to a pizza place with, “Bye bye! Love you!” by accident? Awkward!
  • If Axe worked like it boasts in commercials, I’d have fathered a lot more children.
  • Do you think Anne Geddes will come and photograph a poop I’m particularly proud of?
  • They call these “Peeps” because I can quietly eat them while I peep on the ladies.

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  1. I just. The picture. And everything else


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