Bob Odenkirk Has Come a Long Way, Baby

Odenkirk Manson

Better Call Saul premieres this weekend on AMC. There’s a lot of anticipation surrounding it. People hope that it will reach the greatness of its parent show, Breaking Bad. Even if it doesn’t, that’s okay. Every show doesn’t have to be amazing, even if most of the same people who produced the methtastic adventures of Walter White and Jesse Pinkman are back for the legal adventure of Saul Goodman. I’ll settle for it being very good.

The great story in all of this is the success of lead actor Bob Odenkirk. He’s been around for years, producing excellent sketch comedy for Saturday Night Live and, most notably, Mr. Show. Less notably (depending on who you are), there was The Ben Stiller Show. I should probably check that show out more, but the one sketch I do recall is the one where Odenkirk plays Charles Manson like he’s Lassie. It’s sublimely weird, and the perfect thing to check out before watching Odenkirk star in his own AMC show.


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