Worming Through The Walking Dead: 'Self Help'

Photo by Gene Page/AMC
Photo by Gene Page/AMC

I didn’t have high hopes going into Self Help. Last week’s Bethisode left me cold. Abraham, Rosita, and Eugene have been little more than walking, talking G.I. Joe figures since their introduction in season 4. I’m happy to say that I was very wrong.

Abraham has been yelling like a lunatic about getting Eugene and his sentient mullet to Washington since they walked into undead Georgia. Self Help finally gave us a glimpse behind the Texas style mustache to see just what makes Abraham tick.

Michael Cudlitz finally got to show the range that had people excited for him joining the cast. Abraham is desperate to move forward because it hurts too damn much to look back. He gave everything to protect his family. That effort caused them to desert him. All he has left is the mission. Abraham’s tunnel vision is the only thing that’s gotten him this far. If it wasn’t for Eugene’s mission, he would eaten a bullet by now. The revelation that Eugene is not actually a scientist was a real kick in the teeth. What does Abraham have now?

As for Eugene, he’s been trying to put off this revelation for as long as possible. He’s useless without his role as humanity’s savior. He’s too scared to fight, too weird for friends. At the very least, the man with the “Tennessee top hat” did show some ingenuity in using the the firetruck hose to take out the undead. Can someone edit that scene with the music from Sloth’s pirate ship appearance in The Goonies? I’ll pay you in chocolate coins.

It feels like The Walking Dead might have shot off that Eugene revelation a little soon. We’ve seen what happens when this show moves at a breakneck pace just to skid to a halt. Eugene’s secret could have been built up mysteriously over a number of episodes. He could have been messing with things in the background, purposely slowing everyone down. Instead, they chose to make it a thematic part of an Abraham focused episode. It’s worrisome, but it’s hard to complain too much when we get episodes like these. Abraham’s history of violence actually developed two worrisome characters and introduced me to the term “Tennessee top hat”. For that, I am grateful.


Blah blah blah

  • “I been to 8 county fairs and 1 goat rodeo!” I demand a goat rodeo Abraham flashback.
  • Eugene really loves that damn mullet. My grandmother once cut off my uncle’s rat tail at halftime during a football game. Maybe the same will happen to Eugene. By football game, I mean zombie killing session.
  • I need to start using sex watching Eugene in a “soon” meme.
  • Rosita got a little development, but she still feels like more of a blank slate compared to everyone else. Hopefully they can shed some light on her in a future episode.
  • Glenn and Maggie basically spent the entire episode shaking their damn heads.
  • NEXT WEEK: Daryl and Carol catch up to the weird hospital rape cops.

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