Richard Kiel – "Jaws" From James Bond Dies At 74


Richard Kiel, who achieved film notoriety for portraying the James Bond villain, Jaws, in two 1970s Bond movies, passed away today at the age of 74.

Standing at an imposing 7-foot-2, Kiel starred in dozens of movies throughout the years, and was the ultimate supporting character actor. Kiel appeared with his friend Burt Reynolds in “The Longest Yard” (1974) and “Cannonball Run II” (1984). Most notable though, was his turn as Jaws in the two Roger Moore helmed James Bond movies, “The Spy Who Loved Me” (1977) and “Moonraker” (1979).

Younger generations may remember Kiel from the Adam Sandler golf comedy classic, “Happy Gilmore” (1996).

It was reported that Kiel had broken his leg last week and was hospitalized, but it is unclear whether his death was connected to the leg injury. We here at Untied are keeping Mr. Kiel and his family in our prayers.


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  1. somethings wrong John, I think this feeling good thing is working overtime


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