Maron Ends Season on a High Note, Sort of


maronMarc Maron is an awkward person. It is something I like most about him. He is not quite comfortable in his own skin. He overthinks everything. He’s paranoid. He struggles with the ups and downs of his life. Yet, somehow, he manages to be levelheaded. Whenever you think he is about to lose it, he comes back down to earth and wraps things off with, “I get it, man.”

He often sites this online and on his show. He goes so far as to question whether or not he is even funny.

When IFC’s Maron wrapped its second season up on Thursday, it was a different kind of uncomfortable, though.

Shortly after the episode begins, Marc and his comedian friends, Andy Kindler and Dave Anthony, are hanging out at the bar that is hosting an open mic night. Their old friend, Stew, comes off stages and joins the group. He is a sad and lonely shell of a man whose best days are long behind him. Maron comes up with excuses for not putting him on his podcast. Everyone averts making eye contact as he tells self-deprecating jokes.

The next morning, Kindler and Anthony convince Marc to drive out to the trailer park where Stew lives because they think he is dead. As it turns out, he is. He died  of an apparent heart attack while writing a joke in his trailer. Aside from Anthony’s awkward comments, the group struggles with this and recognizes that it could have been any of them. They attempt to finish off Stew’s joke to give his life some closure.

Meanwhile, Maron struggles with his own success and there is an underlying air of tension with the others who sense a disconnect from him because of his success. It all comes to a head while waiting for the coroner to show up. The gang gets into a big fight and they call out Marc for not throwing any of them a bone.

When all is said and done, Maron returns to a grocery store he visited earlier in the episode. His friend Pete, a former comedian, owns the store. He left comedy and opened the store to provide for his family. Marc throws him a bone and asks him to be on his podcast.

The episode and the season end with the recording of the podcast and a couple of smiles. It is a nice, positive bow tie on an otherwise morbid episode.

There is no word yet as to whether or not the show will be renewed for a third season.


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