The Adam West Batman Series is Coming Home With You in November Good Citizens

Image via
Image via

Listen. LISTEN. I don’t know how I missed this. I will forever carry the burden of shame for missing this news, much like Homer Simpson’s rock of shame. But none of that matters because the Adam West Batman series is coming to Blu Ray/DVD/digital download in November!!!!!!!!! (my editor has requested that I quit it with the exclamation points!)

This series shaped me into the goofy bastard that you see today. Once I purchase this in the winter and watch it straight through, my girlfriend will leave me. My bed will be empty, but I will still have the pow biff bam boom of Adam West and Burt Ward. The grease painted mustache of Cesar Romero. The constantly changing actresses portraying Catwoman. I want it all.

If you need a paunchy Batman in the meantime, I highly recommend Batman 66.


(h/t to Badass Digest for this great news)


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