Tesla to Release a Car That People Can Afford

Reasonably affordable Tesla? Yes, please.
A reasonably affordable Tesla? Yes, please.

Elon Musk, purveyor of awesomeness and runner of Tesla Motors, continues to kick ass.

The technology pioneer and early adopter recently began raising $1.6 billion to fund the Gigafactory. Then he released Tesla’s patents to encourage innovation. Next up, he donated $1 million to Matthew Inman‘s Tesla Museum.

He may be dealing with the setback of douchebag politicians and lobbyists banning Tesla Motors, the luxury electric car manufacturer, from selling cars in states (New Jersey, Arizona, Colorado, Texas, and Virginia, you all suck) but that’s not going to set him back.

Musk announced Tesla’s newest car, the Model 3. The car is slated to come out in 2016, after the Model X, a crossover. According to Auto Express, the automaker planned on calling it the Model E but Ford threatened Tesla with a lawsuit over a trademark. Model 3 is more appropriate anyway, as Nikola Tesla was obsessed with the number three.

The genius scientist allegedly suffered from Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder.

From The Verge:

The Model 3’s reported range would be less than the Model S, which is rated for 306 miles when equipped with the 85-kWh battery. By comparison, the Roadster (Tesla’s first car) is rated for 245 miles per charge, and weighed nearly 2,000 pounds less.

According to an Engadget poll, 75% of the nearly 73,000 people polled would buy a Model 3.


The Model 3 will be the most affordable Tesla yet, set to hit the market at $35,000. It is reported that the car will be 20% smaller than the Model S and the batteries will be made at the proposed Gigafactory.

The above photo is from Auto Express and Musk claims that it was from one of the car’s prototypes.


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  1. sutiibu says:

    $35k is better, but still very steep for a sedan. At this price point, it’s competing with luxury sedans and well-appointed cross-overs.


    1. Marcello says:

      Absolutely. It may not win over people looking for a more wallet friendly solution but it could be a hit with people on the fringe. Once you take into account any tax incentives and the lack of gas expenses, it could push some people up from the Toyota/Nissan/Honda crowd to a Tesla.


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