This Awesome Week June 1-7 2014

Photo courtesy of Instagram
Photo courtesy of Instagram

Welcome to This Awesome Week, a look back at the week that was.


Instagram girl of the week

This week’s Instagram girl is Swedish model Anna Nyström. Give her a follow here.


This week in history

Today marks the 70th anniversary of the D-Day invasion at Normandy. Let’s reflect on the sacrifice and heroism that took place that day. [] [NY Daily News] []


In the news

Maleficent opened to mixed reviews but still raked in $70 million at the box office. [] []


Sports news

Will California Chrome win the Triple Crown? []

Colin Kaepernick signs a huge extension with the  San Francisco 49ers: [] []

The Spurs beat the Heat in game one of the NBA Finals last night: [] []

The Kings lead the Rangers 1-0 in the Stanley Cup Finals: [Pro Hockey Talk]


Apps,music and fun

The first screen shot of Madden 15 is out and wow does it look good: []

Top Android apps of the week: []

Top iOS apps of the week: []

Top Windows apps of the week: []

Bob Mould of Husker Du and Sugar fame has a new disc out: []

Viral videos of the week: []

That’s all for this week, check us out next Friday to see what you missed.


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