Shark Tank Discoveries: UroClub

Give me a little peepee. Come on, a couple of drops.

Maybe you have been watching Shark Tank since day one. Or, perhaps you are up on the late night infomercial circle and have seen the Uroclub.

If you’re like me, though, you usually only hear about a good ABC show a few seasons in when you hear enough people talk about it that you cave in and start watching.

That was the case with Shark Tank, my newest obsession. I purchased the first two seasons online and have been slowly making my way through them.

If you are unfamiliar with the show, entrepreneurs pitch their ideas/established products to a group of über rich investors where they trade equity for cash.

Some of the products are brilliant but others are just… curious.

So far, the most absurd product within the first season has to be the Uroclub. This device is a faux, hollow golf club in which a golfer can freely urinate while on the golf course.

The club can hold up to 18 ounces of your bodily fluids during your drunken Sunday golf outing, or if you’re a chronic masturbator, I guess. Here’s how it works:

  1. Unscrew the top
  2. Put your junk in the top
  3. Pee in the top

And that’s the way you do it.

The Uroclub comes with a “privacy shield” — or, you know, a towel that you tuck into your pants — which allows you to pull out your wrinkly, old white jammy at your upscale country club and empty your bladder.

My question is, how does this compare to the Stadium Pal?


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