Godzilla Is Back But Why?

Hi, I’m Godzilla. You might remember me from such films as Godzilla, Godzilla, and Godzilla.

Hey, so, in case you haven’t heard, there’s a new Godzilla movie. It’s called… wait for it… Godzilla.

Holy shit, right?

Using the latest technologies, it will look like it uses the latest technologies until they make another Godzilla movie in the future using the future’s latest technologies, making this upcoming movie look dated.

Ever since Gojira was introduced as a cuddly looking puppet with smallpox that shot laser beams of fire from its mouth, Godzilla went on to become a ridiculously long-lived franchise spanning nearly 60 years.

Over the better part of a century, 28 Godzilla movies were produced by Japan’s Toho Studios, the original creators of the character. Additionally, there have been four American titles, including the current release, Godzilla.

Godzilla was also featured in four television series, 24 video games, countless comics, and so on.

The fictional character even has a freaking star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame (but, you know, it only gets a three-star rating on Foursquare).

That damned monster is as ubiquitous as it gets. If John Lennon thought The Beatles were bigger than Jesus, then Godzilla is bigger than The Beatles. I mean, Godzilla’s got 50 years on them. When’s the last time they ever wrote a new song? Geez.

So, anyway, Godzilla. It’s a monster, an undying franchise, and a new movie that will likely be outdone by another new movie at some point in the future. But at least this one has Bryan Cranston and that’s cool.


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