The Greatest Supermarket Scenes


Whether you are in need of arugula, ground meat for your unauthorized toga party, or stamps and some envelopes, the supermarket remains the one of the great bastions for human congregation. There is always an outside chance one can stoke the seeds of a discreet rendezvous, find true love in the frozen food section, or unsuspectingly buy a soiled parsnip. With that, Untied brings you some of the greatest supermarket scenes.

Tim Matheson and Verna Bloom in National Lampoon’s Animal House

I would strongly suggest that when an individual asks if you would still like to show them your cucumber, you should consider the consequences.

Steve Martin and Carol Kane in My Blue Heaven

Without question, this remains one of the best supermarket pick-up lines. I defy you to find me a better one.

Chris Tucker and Ice Cube in Friday

It is clear that this scene does not take place within the confines of a traditional supermarket, but then again are you really going to find Whole Foods in the ghetto?

Seth McFarlane in Ted 

If there are any couples who appreciate the Dirty Fozzie, there’s a special place in heaven for you both.

Sylvester Stallone in Cobra

The toothpick in Stallone’s mouth deserves a best supporting actor nod for this scene. Tremendous product placement for Pepsi as well.

Will Ferrell and Juliette Lewis in Old School

This is perhaps one of the more understated closing credit scenes of all time. Body painting and internet friends truly make life worthwhile.

Jonah Hill, Michael Cera, and Christopher Mintz-Plasse in Superbad

To this day, my friend Sean’s name is programmed as McLovin in my cell phone.

Jeff Bridges in The Big Lebowski

If you have not seen what many consider the best Coen brothers movie, shame on you. If you have never written a check for sixty-seven cents, shame on you again.

Bobcat Goldthwait in Police Academy 2: Their First Assignment

Perhaps the most telling moment in this clip is Bobcat Goldthwait spraying his mouth with deodorant. This may be an apology for what was to come out of his mouth in Shakes the Clown? Or Hot to Trot?

Michael Keaton in Mr. Mom

Remember when Michael Keaton made us laugh with classics like Mr. Mom, Night Shift, and Beetlejuice? Yeah, we do too. For the record, I would not have thrown the race to let Martin Mull win.


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