Need a Riff? Tiny Circle by Wolf People


Wolf People are four British lads who are incredibly God damn British and incredibly God damn great.  I am just saying, if I were the Queen of England I would knight them or at least download their records on iTunes so I could listen to them on my Queeny power walks. Their music is a combination of Ren-Faire sounding Medieval folk and fuzzed out psychedelic guitar rock. It’s like if Blue Cheer threatened to beat up the Incredible String Band but instead of fighting they just jammed. If you need your fix of a sweet riff ,I give you the song Tiny Circle. At first you’ll say “I don’t like flutes in my music, they are a bunch of bullshhhhh……”. Only then will your ears tell you “wait a second, flutes are pretty killer, bro”.

Wolf People- Tiny Circle



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